Tuesday, May 1, 2012

3 Must-Have Restaurant Deals

When planning to eat out, there are lot of things you should consider. You should take into account the place where you want to eat, the kinds of cuisine you prefer, the budget you have, and how healthy you want your food to be. After dealing with these myself, I browsed the net for restaurant deals that will match these tips and tried each of them. Check out these three must-have restaurant deals listed below for you.
#1 - Taj Palace Restaurant Deal from Waka Network

The first deal is the Taj Palace Restaurant’s $5 discount on food and drinks worth $25 from This restaurant is recommended for those who live in Austin, TX or in nearby areas, especially if you do not want to go far. Taj Palace serves North Indian Cuisine and offers Tandoori Specialties that are commended for its low calories and cholesterol. You can also save your money by purchasing this deal from the Waka Network deal site.

#2 - Dimassi's Mediterranean Buffet Deal from Groupon

The second deal is from Groupon. Dimassi’s Mediterranean Buffet offers their Mediterranean Buffet Meal for half the price. This deal is for two to four people and comes with unlimited soft drinks. This deal is perfect for people who want an affordable buffet dinner with friends. Dimassi’s proudly serves authentic Mediterranean dishes and is located at Houston, Dallas, and Austin, Texas. This deal is also budget-friendly as you can get it for only $24 on Groupon. This restaurant is recommended for those who are on a heart-healthy diet and are living in Texas.

#3 - Sonoma Chicken Coop Deal from Valpak

Sonoma Chicken Coop lets you pay only $10 for a $20 worth of food through Valpak. They serve real fresh food that health conscious food lovers should really try. This restaurant is best for the people of San Jose, California. However, if you want to try the food and you leave near San Jose, it will be worth the time and money to go.

The above tips and recommendations are based on my experience. For better spending decisions, you can also check for reviews online to have more confidence in these deals and restaurants.


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