Thursday, May 3, 2012

More Than Just a Marshmallow

Ever since I was a kid, I have been a really great fan of marshmallows. I simply love its smooth texture and the way it melts in my mouth. I also love any dessert with marshmallows. And roasting marshmallows or putting them in my hot chocolate are my most favorite uses of marshmallows.

However, marshmallows are more than their fluffy texture and sweet taste. There are also several amusing ideas you can do with marshmallows.

1. Cupcake Frosting

Instead of using the normal frosting, I use marshmallows as substitute frosting. Minutes before the cupcake is done, I put a marshmallow or two on top of it and return it to the oven. And the result: a soft, sweet, and yummy frosting for my cupcake recipe.

2. Cake Decoration

Different colors and shapes of marshmallows can create a festive look on a regular birthday cake. You can easily decorate your cake by making flowers and other artistic garnish on the top or side of the cake. Marshmallows can also be used to stop the wax from trickling down a birthday candle. You just have to push a candle into a marshmallow. My mom shared this tip with me when she made a cake for my niece.

3. Brown Sugar Softener

To keep your brown sugar from turning into hard blocks, try using a marshmallow. Put a marshmallow into the sugar bag or container to consume the moisture. Marshmallows absorb the excess moisture that will keep the brown sugar soft for weeks. I’ve tried this before and it worked. I never saw a sugar clump in my sugar bag again.

4. Sore Throat Remedy
Whenever I feel a sore throat coming in, I eat marshmallows as first aid. I’ve read an article about it and tried it myself. Surprisingly, marshmallows soothed the pain and irritation in my throat. Marshmallow components have antibacterial properties, creating a soothing effect on inflamed membranes of the mouth and throat. It is also good for dry cough as it prevents further irritation.

These are just some tips you can do with a marshmallow. Try these ideas at home and see how useful marshmallows can be.

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