Monday, December 10, 2012

Best Ceviche Restaurants in America

Though originated from Peru, ceviche is one of the most popular seafood dishes in the Central and South coastal regions in America. This dish is usually made from fresh uncooked fish marinated in citrus fruit juices. There are other versions of this in other countires, such as the Philippines. Their version of ceviche, called kilawin, is typically made from fresh fish such as tanigue (Spanish mackerel), tuna, or anchovies marinated in vinegar, pepper, onions, garlic, and chili.

Since ceviche is a favorite in America, let me give you some of the restaurants in where it is served best.

Ceviche Tapas Bar & Restaurant is a Spanish restaurant that has become one of the most popular ceviche restaurants in Florida. During lunch, they serve six different ceviches such as Ceviche De La Casa (shrimp, scallops, squid, and fish), Ceviche De Mero (Black Grouper), Salpicon (steamed and chilled shellfish), Ceviche De Atun (sushi grade tuna), Ceviche De Salmon (fresh salmon), and Ceviche A La Rusa (seasonal oysters). They also have the Ceviche Happy Hour Specials 5-7pm everyday.

Ceviche Tampa: 2500 W. Azeele Street, Tampa
Ceviche St. Pete: 10 Beach Drive, St. Petersburg
Ceviche Orlando: 125 West Church Street, Orlando
Ceviche Sarasota: 1216 1st Street, Sarasota
Ceviche Clearwater: 2930 Gulf to Bay Boulevard, Clearwater

This restaurant ranked at number four in defeating other 11 restaurants in Ridgway, Colorado. They offer Costa Rican style cuisine here and their ceviche has gained the most appreciation from the customers - I can say that it has become the customer’s most favorite based on the reviews it gets in Trip Advisor.

Location: 185 Sherman Street, Unit 101 Ridgway, CO.
If you are looking for ceviches with a gourmet touch, you must try this Peruvian restaurant. They are known to be the best restaurant that serves ceviche in Miami, Florida. Their Ceviches y Tiraditos menu includes four ceviches such as Fish Ceviche, Tuna Ceviche, Mixed Seafood Ceviche, and Fried Ceviche.

606 Crandon Boulevard Key Biscayne in Key Biscayne Shopping Center
3155 Sunny Isles Boulevard North Miami Beach in Oleta Town Center
947 Brickell Avenue Miami

Be sure that when you travel or eat out, you know where the best places are to spend your money and, at the same time, satisfy your tummy. Know where you can have the best experience every time you eat out. And if you happen to visit Florida and Colorado, find these restaurant I have listed above for a great ceviche experience.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Benefits of Honey

Honey is a thick and golden sweet fluid made bees make using flower nectar. It consists of water, glucose, fructose and oil, along with several vitamins and minerals. It is also considered as the best substitute for sugar since it has lesser calories and only a little amount is required to attain an equal level of sweetness. Aside from being a good sweetener, honey can also help you through the following ways..

Sore Throat Remedy
If you’re suffering from a sore throat, take a spoonful of honey to relieve the pain. Honey has antibacterial properties that kill the bacteria which is the main cause of the sore throat infection. You can also make a honey lemon drink by mixing honey with a glass of warm lemon juice.

Wound Treatment
When you have burns, cuts or wounds, you can use honey to help the wounds heal faster. Honey’s antibacterial and antiseptic properties prevent the growth of bacteria and keep the external wound free from infection. Just put some honey on the infected area and cover it with a gauze bandage.

Sleep Booster
If you’re having difficulty sleeping at night, drink a glass of milk with a tablespoon of honey. This drink can help you calm down and induce sleep.

Hair Conditioner
Instead of buying a chemical-based conditioner, use honey to make your hair silky and soft. The trick is to mix honey with a mug of water then use the solution as your last rinse.

Energy Booster
When you’re feeling down in the morning, try honey with a piece of toast or mix it with your drink or cereal. Honey contains carbohydrates and natural sugars that can increase the body’s strength and energy levels. Honey is also beneficial in giving you extra strength to go for the extra mile when you work out or exercise.

Vision Improvement
For those who spend long hours on the computer screen, taking honey can be beneficial to your eyes. Just mix two teaspoons of honey with a glass of carrot juice and consume it regularly.

Whenever you’re going to grab sugar to use in your food or drink sweetener, replace it with honey. You will not only get a refreshing sweet taste but also get a lot of health benefits.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2 Easy Ways to Peel a Kiwifruit

Peeling your favorite fruits can be disastrous, if you don’t know the right way to do it. Even if you have tools with you like a peeler or a knife, you still need the appropriate instruction to follow to do it right. To make things easier for you to peel a piece of kiwi while avoid breaking its very fine texture, consider the instructions below.

Use a Spoon or Blanch It

Most people are having a hard time peeling a kiwi because of its delicate flesh. If you want to peel it the right way, you don’t need complicated tools or techniques. What you just need is a spoon - in a size that will fit the size of the kiwi.
Using a Spoon
What You Need:
Paring knife
Slice its ends, both sides.
At one end, slide the spoon directly at the bottom of its skin.
While the spoon is inserted beneath the skin, slide the spoon around it - in a clockwise direction until you reach the end point where you started.
Repeat the same procedure on the other end if needed.
Lightly squeeze the kiwi to completely take it out of its skin.

Blanching It

What You Need:
Put the water in the pot and bring it to a boil.
Drop the kiwi fruit into the boiling water.
Wait for 20-30 seconds and scoop it out of the boiling water.
Put it under running water until it became cool to touch.
Peel the skin off using your fingers.

When eating or cooking food, always think of the best ways to make complicated things easy. If you can find or discover another way to do things easily, go for it. It is better to do things as easily and conveniently as possible in the kitchen.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Reasons To Chew More Gum

Most people love to chew gums because they love how it tastes and it freshens their breath. However, what people don’t know is that chewing gum has many surprising health benefits. Here are some reasons why chewing gum is good for you.

Boosts Brain Power
One great benefit of chewing gum is that it can help one’s memory and cognitive power. Research shows that those who chew gums during exams score significantly higher than those who do not. One explanation for this is that the chewing activity itself enhances one’s memory. The hippocampus, the part of the brain important for memory, becomes stimulated while you chew gum. Also, chewing gum increases the glucose level which is responsible for providing more fuel for the brain to help you improve concentration and alertness.

Promotes Weight Loss
Instead of grabbing chips and other sweets when you crave for a snack, consider chewing a gum. Gum contains fewer calories so you are assured that it will not ruin your diet. Also, the act of chewing can make you feel full, reducing your cravings for high-calorie snacks.

Improves Oral Health
If you’re suffering from oral problems like gum infection or bad breath, chewing a gum may provide temporary relief. Also, chewing gum stimulates the production of saliva, the most important factor in maintaining a good oral health. Saliva has antibacterial properties that can help flush out sugars and acids in the mouth. You might want to try chewing a sugarless gum as it slows cavity growth by lowering acid levels.

Promotes Good Digestion
Another health benefit of chewing gums is that it promotes good digestion. Research suggests that chewing gum after a meal fights acid reflux, an uncomfortable burning pain in the stomach caused by the acid and the food you eat. The chewing activity which promotes production of saliva, helps to keep the acids down in your stomach.

With these benefits mentioned, you now have more reasons to chew gums. You could make it a habit after meal, while studying your lessons, or whenever you feel bored, to experience all of its benefits.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Foods That Don't Spoil

We all know that as time goes by, foods will expire, rot, or spoil. Surprisingly, there are some food that can last indefinitely. You can buy them in bulk with no worries of putting them to waste if not used immediately. Here are a few items that can last a lifetime.

All types of sugar - whether white, brown, or cane - will never spoil since it doesn’t support bacterial growth. You just have to keep it dry and store it in an airtight container to keep it from turning into hard chunks.As long as it’s dry, even though it’s been going on for about 50 years, it is still good for consumption.

Honey is another food that keeps indefinitely as it has antibiotic and antifungal properties that keep it from spoiling. It may crystallize or change color over time, but it is still safe to consume. You can just run the jar under warm water and wait until it goes back to its original form and color.

Except for brown rice, rice such as jasmine, white, wild, arborio, and basmati can stand the test of time. Make sure that you store the rice in an airtight container to keep it fresh. The higher oil content in brown rice makes it vulnerable to spoilage so you need to store it in the fridge to extend its shelf life.

Distilled White Vinegar
Aside from being a kitchen and household wonder, distilled white vinegar can last over an extended period of time. Its acidic property makes it fresh and does not require any refrigeration. It can inhibit some color changes or haze development but it can still be used for cooking and household cleaning. Just make sure to store it in a bottle placed in a cool and dry environment.

Proper storage is the key in making these items go on for years. Just make sure to store them properly to preserve their flavor, quality and most of all, freshness.
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