Thursday, December 6, 2012

Benefits of Honey

Honey is a thick and golden sweet fluid made bees make using flower nectar. It consists of water, glucose, fructose and oil, along with several vitamins and minerals. It is also considered as the best substitute for sugar since it has lesser calories and only a little amount is required to attain an equal level of sweetness. Aside from being a good sweetener, honey can also help you through the following ways..

Sore Throat Remedy
If you’re suffering from a sore throat, take a spoonful of honey to relieve the pain. Honey has antibacterial properties that kill the bacteria which is the main cause of the sore throat infection. You can also make a honey lemon drink by mixing honey with a glass of warm lemon juice.

Wound Treatment
When you have burns, cuts or wounds, you can use honey to help the wounds heal faster. Honey’s antibacterial and antiseptic properties prevent the growth of bacteria and keep the external wound free from infection. Just put some honey on the infected area and cover it with a gauze bandage.

Sleep Booster
If you’re having difficulty sleeping at night, drink a glass of milk with a tablespoon of honey. This drink can help you calm down and induce sleep.

Hair Conditioner
Instead of buying a chemical-based conditioner, use honey to make your hair silky and soft. The trick is to mix honey with a mug of water then use the solution as your last rinse.

Energy Booster
When you’re feeling down in the morning, try honey with a piece of toast or mix it with your drink or cereal. Honey contains carbohydrates and natural sugars that can increase the body’s strength and energy levels. Honey is also beneficial in giving you extra strength to go for the extra mile when you work out or exercise.

Vision Improvement
For those who spend long hours on the computer screen, taking honey can be beneficial to your eyes. Just mix two teaspoons of honey with a glass of carrot juice and consume it regularly.

Whenever you’re going to grab sugar to use in your food or drink sweetener, replace it with honey. You will not only get a refreshing sweet taste but also get a lot of health benefits.


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