Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Blue Planet Grill: An Irresistibly Delicious Treat

I was browsing the internet when I came across a restaurant called Blue Planet Grill, specializing in hormone-free meats and freshly baked breads. I suddenly remembered my college friend who loves organic and healthy food. Assuming that she would like this restaurant, I bought the deal from and gave her a call. Since she has tried this restaurant before, she agreed to there with me again last Saturday.

The Ambiance

The atmosphere was really accommodating and peaceful. The place was clean and also had good decorations. Soft music and candles in every table make the perfect setting for a romantic dinner or an elegant evening with friends.

The Food 
Blue Planet Grill offers typical American dishes from soups and salads to burgers and waffles. The thing that separates it from other American restaurants is that their products do not contain any antibiotics, pesticides, and other growth stimulants.

For the appetizer, my friend and I ordered the creamy mushroom soup. The creamy mushroom soup had a delicious, rich mushroom taste. It was not like the other mushroom soup I’ve tasted that I couldn’t help but finish it completely.

Since I had a 20% discount coupon on the seafood salad, my friend and I ordered it. My friend loved the seafood salad and said that it was one of the best salads she has tasted, whereas I didn’t enjoy it that much because I am not really a fan of salads. I didn’t appreciate their salad with shrimp, vegetables, and other seasonings. My mouth just rejected the taste that I was not able to finish the whole serving.

For the main course, my friend and I both ordered the Beef Stroganoff and Sauteed Vegetables. The Beef Stroganoff quickly became one of my favorite dishes from them. It was well-made and savory; the meat is very tender and the flavors burst in your mouth. The Sauteed Vegetables was also delicious. The blend of the Teriyaki sauce and the asparagus was perfect.

We didn’t have time for dessert because their servings are very generous. We were overwhelmed and couldn’t ask for more.

The Service

The service was nice and the staff were friendly. Both suit the ‘fine dining’ theme and the lovely atmosphere of the restaurant.

Overall, my Blue Planet Grill experience was great. My friend and I both fell in love with their dishes especially the Beef Stroganoff. We will definitely come back to try their other dishes.


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