Thursday, April 26, 2012

Healthy Eating This Weekend

My husband and I had no plans for this weekend but to stay at home and have a DVD marathon. Both of us wanted to watch some ‘90s movies and enjoy a nice dinner at home. However, instead of ordering the usual fast food meals, I decided to take over the kitchen and prepare some healthy food for my hubby. We had been eating a lot of pork and beef dishes in the past few days so I think it’s time for us to eat some healthy food.

I decided to innovate and give some twist on the usual fast food dishes my husband loved. I have planned to prepare two meals, a chicken, and a tuna meal for him.

Since my husband is a big fan of burgers, I decided to make one for him. However, this time I used a tuna patty instead of the usual beef patty. Tuna is very delicious and, as compared to beef, is better for the health and is an excellent source of nutrients like protein, potassium, and omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients all contribute in maintaining good health and promoting weight loss. Good thing I came across a tuna burger recipe on the internet and the instructions were easy to follow. I just needed to make this dish perfect since it was something my husband and I don’t usually eat. Fortunately, I managed to grill the patty just right.

And for my next dish, I prepared a chicken pizza. Ever since the success of my first pizza-making endeavor, my husband has been begging me for another pizza dish. And if he loved my turkey pizza last time, I am sure he’ll love the chicken pizza too. Chicken is a good substitute for turkey and is a lot cheaper too. More so, chicken is rich in niacin, an anticarcinogen, and selenium, a metabolism and immune system booster. Talk about healthy! Although it took time to prepare, I am satisfied with how the meal went. It looked and smelled delicious!

As expected, my husband loved the grilled tuna burger and the chicken pizza. He said that my tuna burger was so tasty, he wanted me to prepare them again the next day! As for the pizza, he said it tasted good but he prefers the turkey. But overall, he said he loved the meals I prepared and he hoped to have more of my new recipes in the coming weekends.

By the way, we both enjoyed the movies too. I am so glad that my cooking innovation attempts were successful. We are definitely going to spend more of our weekends at home.


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