Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spicy Shrimp Pasta

Last night while I was writing an article about wakanetwork, I felt my stomach rumble as I crave for my cousin’s seafood pasta. However, between writing three articles and the late hour, I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I crashed into being, forgoing a trip to the kitchen to sate my stomach.

Morning came and I was able to finish all the wakanetwork articles I needed to write, all the while thinking of having seafood pasta at my cousin’s glass house. She asked me to visit her and promised me seafood pasta for my time. And why shouldn’t I go? The first time I tasted her pasta, I fell in love it. That’s reason enough alone to go visit her from time to time.

What makes her seafood pasta special?

As we all know, seafood pasta consists of pasta covered with mouthwatering sauce, topped with various seafood. You can make it simple or grand - it just depends on your budget for the ingredients.

My cousin’s specialty is all about the shrimps and the sauce. She makes sure that there is an overload of shrimp in her seafood pasta. However, what I love best about her pasta is the sauce due to its addictive spice. I named it spicy shrimp pasta. Its pure tomato sauce gives you a light taste but a heavy aftertaste. My cousin also alternates between using oil- and tomato-based sauces that complements the shrimp well. When it comes to the type of pasta, she uses either fettuccine or linguine.

As for the spice, my cousin especially uses fresh basil leaves. This ensures freshness and a tangy taste to her pasta. She also sometimes combines shrimp, artichokes, mushrooms, and olive oil in one pasta dish because all of them are high in nutrients. With these ingredients, she has made a flavorful and interesting alternative to the standard pasta flavors.


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