Thursday, April 19, 2012

Great Pizza Experience at AC

As part of our weekend getaway, my husband and I decided to go to Atlantic City for an entire weekend to enjoy all the attractions and activities AC has to offer.

Once at the hotel, I quickly browsed the wakanetwork internet to find some good restaurants in the city. I came across a restaurant called Tony Boloney’s that specialize in pizza and cheesesteaks. I read many positive feedback about this restaurant so I decided to try their specialties with my husband. I was lucky to find a 50% discount on their large pizza on wakanetwork.

I told my husband about the deal I got. He is a great pizza fan and I wanted his opinion on Tony Boloney’s. I presented my coupon and waited for our large pizza to be served. My hubby decided to add cheesesteaks and soda to our meal. I must say, we have tasted different types of pizza but we were surprised with how Tony Boloney’s tasted. The pizza was excellent; its crust is soft and the sauce was delicious. The cheesesteak was superior as it was very tasty and more satisfying from the others we’ve tried in the past. We just never thought we’d find a pizza place like this in Atlantic City.

My only complaint is that their service was a little bit unpleasant. It took them a lot of time to serve our food. They have a large number of customers and I think they should have added more crews.

Our experience, all in all, was superb because of Tony Boloney’s pizza and cheesesteak. My husband and I will definitely come back here for more. I just hope their service would be better the next time we visit.


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