Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Foods for the Muscle

Aside from the fact that protein is one of the most essential nutrients that the body needs for development and maintenance, protein is also needed for the muscle to reach its maximum growth. With this in mind, It is recommended for people who want to build their muscles to undergo a protein diet.

Our muscle is like the machine of the human body which provides force so you can work. So to give you a guide for the food you should eat to maintain your muscles and reach their full potential, check out the list of high in protein foods I made below.

Foods and their Protein Value Per 100g Serving
      Low Sodium Parmesan Cheese - 41.6 grams
      Braised Eye Round Steak - 40.62 grams
      Dry Roasted Soybean - 39.58 grams
      Dried Nori - 36.25 grams
      Lean Veal and Beef - 39.6 grams
      Broilers - 32.8 grams
      Yellowfin Tuna - 30 grams
      Lobster - 26.4 grams

Protein isolates. Natural protein concentrates used to build muscle fast.
      Soy protein isolate - 80.66 grams
      Whey protein isolate - 79.5 grams
      Dried egg white - 79.0 grams

Presently, the recommended daily intake (RDI) of protein for women between ages of 19-70 is 46 grams and 56 grams for men in the same age bracket. For your safety, be sure to ask the advice of experts before you undergo a protein diet. The right amount of protein your body needs must be taken into consideration.
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