Thursday, July 5, 2012

Food Choices To Beat The Summer Heat

Aside from cold beverages and drinks, there are other options you can consider to lessen the heat this summer. Certain food selections can help lower your body temperature, making you feeling refreshed and light. Here are some of the yummy goodies you can eat to beat the summer heat.

Cucumbers and Watermelons

Cucumbers and watermelon have naturally high water content that helps your body release heat. They also help replenish the fluids you lose due to your activities throughout the day. Just have a slice of crispy watermelon or put cucumbers in your salad for a refreshing meal. You can also opt for lettuce, spinach, and citrus fruits.

Olive and Pickles

The body loses more sodium due to constant sweating during this season. Therefore, you should eat food with high sodium content such as olives and pickles. Salty foods like these are used to obtain energy and replenish the sodium lost through sweat. However, chips and junk food are not healthy choices despite having high sodium content as they do nothing for your physiology during a heat wave.

Summer Soups

Summer soups or chilled soups tend to be cold, making them great help in cooling down your body’s temperature. The gazpacho soup and soups made from celery, avocados, and sweet potatoes are samples of chilled soups perfect for the hot weather. They will not only cool your system effectively but will also boost your mood and provide energy for the day.

These are only few of the food choices you have that can help you beat the heat. Look for these foods during your next meal to feel refreshed and cool this summer.


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